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Kathleen E. Kovach

Spiritual Truth . . . With A Giggle

Spiritual Truth. . .With A Giggle

Psalm 71:23
My lips will shout for joy when I sing praise to you — I, whom you have redeemed.


All my life, I've loved to laugh. It bubbles out of me, usually at inappropriate moments. Once I had accepted Jesus Christ as Lord of my life four decades ago, my giggling only got worse. Something about the joy of the Lord. However, God has taught me to control my un-serious side, allowing me to share His word with a lightness that draws the reader in and touches them where they live.



Titanic: Legacy of Betrayal

A secret. A key. Much was buried when the Titanic went down, but now its time for resurrection.  

Postmark: Christmas

Four novellas set in the real town of Christmas, Florida. My story is "A Blessed Angel Came". A young woman with a message is helped by a photographer whose past threatens to conflict with her values. 

Oregon Weddings

My last three Heartsong Presents Novels (listed below) in one compilation! Enjoy God Gave the Song, Crossroads Bay, and Fine, Feathered Friend in this collection of Rogue River Romances.

Fine Feathered Friend

An actress afraid of birds falls for a bird trainer afraid of actresses.

Crossroads Bay

She seeks a treasure. He seeks her heart.

God Gave the Song

Two people learn to forgive with the help of a melodious alpaca.

Florida Weddings

A three book compilation by authors Lynn A.Coleman, Kristy Dykes, and Kathleen E. Kovach.

My story, Merely Players, is about a dolphin trainer who masks her feelings when reunited with her ex-boyfriend now turned A-list actor, and makes him jump through hoops to win back her affection.

Love Letters

A four book compilation by authors Mary Davis, Kathleen E. Kovach, Sally Laity, and Jeri Odell.

My story,
Cookie Schemes, is set in 1955 and is about a traditional cookie maker who woos a thoroughly modern woman with scriptural wisdom.

To order any of my books from Amazon, please visit my author page! 

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