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Kathleen E. Kovach, a Colorado semi-native, (missed it by six months!) spent much of her childhood fishing and camping in the Rockies. Pine sap is in her blood and writing about her beautiful mountains is a blessing. After traveling for 23 years with her Air Force husband, and holding several truly "odd" jobs, Kathleen now writes full time in her little town in Northeastern Colorado. 

Kathleen (or if you want her to answer--Kathy) believes that if they'd done an ultrasound on her mother while she was with child, they'd have found a writing instrument clutched in her tiny hand.

After a lifetime of writing short stories, plays, and poems, God finally released Kathy to write as a career in 2002. This happened at the Colorado Christian Writers Conference (CCWC) where she won first place in the unpublished writers contest for her article "If Anyone Hears My Voice." While there, she also met her editors, Jim and Tracie Peterson from Barbour's Heartsong Presents, who became intrigued with her heroine's profession, a dolphin trainer. By 2006, that novel, Merely Players, became published and went on to place second in the Inspirational Readers Choice Contest (IRCC) 2007. Merely Players also landed Kathy in the upper five on Heartsong Presents Favorite New Authors list for 2007. Her novella project, "Cookie Schemes", in the 4-in-1 Love Letters, was published in March 2007, also with Barbour Publishing. This book rated three stars at RomanticTimes.com. In 2009, she snagged another kudo with the Heartsong Readers when they voted God Gave the Song 9th place for Favorite Contemporary Romance. The cover took 7th place on that list. People must love alpacas!

After her contest win at CCWC, Kathy became leader of her local critique group, JOY Writers. She joined a local association, Colorado Writers Fellowship, and also a national organization, American Christian Fiction Writers, www.acfw.com. Her affiliation with ACFW eventually led to a position as the Colorado Coordinator, and she just recently moved up as the Rocky Mountain Zone Director, responsible for six states. Many of her blog posts on writing, as well as those of other fine writers, can be found at ACFW Colorado. Visit her Craft Cinema blog to discuss the craft of writing through movies.

Kathy lives in northeast Colorado (out where the buffalo roam) with her husband of three-plus decades. She has two sons and six grandchildren, who, along with various grandpets that have come and gone, prompting her to install a revolving door on her empty nest. 


Kathy is available to speak at local (Colorado) functions. Give her a topic or invite her to share her writing testimony, which includes Writing With God's Voice.  Click the E-mail Me link for inquiries.




Kathy married the man of her dreams, Jim, way back in 1975. Yes, she's a product of the seventies, which accounts for her taste in clothes. Jim joined the Air Force, following a long-standing family tradition, and together they lived all over the USA and Germany. They birthed two wonderful sons, now grown, and one of them provided grandchildren. If you'd like to get to know Kathy better, you can find her on Facebook, or you can read her blog, which she occasionally updates. . .um. . .very occasionally.




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