Writing is nothing more than a guided dream. Jorge Luis Borges

This page is dedicated to the craft of writing. The first section features my Craft Cinema blog. When I watch movies, I like to pull something from them to help in my writing. I share these insights with you. But beware, there are MAJOR SPOILERS on this site.

The second section is devoted to training I've found helpful and the third to resources I've used. Finally, I've included links to help connect with fellow writers. Writing is a lonely business, and sometimes you simply want to hang out with like minded artists.

Happy writing!

Craft Cinema

Craft Cinema - Movies and the craft of fiction


Training in Fiction Writing

Anyone serious about writing would benefit greatly by joining a writers group. I highly recommend American Christian Fiction Writers, a national organization with tons of online resources and a national conference. ACFW also has local chapters in some states. Click on the logo to learn more.



The first three books helped me the most when I first started out.





The following are Facebook groups I've found helpful. Please note that some groups require permission to join.



In addition to the links above, another fun way to connect with other authors is through NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month.) It takes place in November and is set up to encourage people to write a book in a month. I did it successfully one year, (which tells you I've also done it unsuccessfully, but had fun nonetheless.) That book became Crossroads Bay, book #2 in the Oregon series, published in 2011 by Barbour Publishing, Inc. The beauty of this event is that one can be as social or as unsocial as they want. Groups are set up if you truly need that human "contact" or write to your heart's content and upload your stats without telling anyone. Great for both extroverts and introverts!

I'm an introvert. To paraphrase the Carl's Jr. commercial, "Don't bother me. I'm writing."